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If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. -Albert Einstein


How does it work?

If you feel that you need assistance in your research, you may consider us.

First, you send us an email with a brief outline of your enquiry. We will try to answer as soon as possible. If we can help you, we then arrange a virtual meeting (e.g. via Skype) and we have 30 minutes of discussion. This is a cost-free service.

If you want to continue with us, we then can have a series of sessions online. There is no minimum or maximum of consultation hours. When you feel that you have been sufficiently assisted, you may terminate our collaboration at any time. Every session lasts 50 minutes and costs 80 Swiss francs (CHF).

Invoices and other legal and accounting aspects are governed by the Swiss law.

What can we offer in your dissertation?

The choice of the dissertation topic or title is frequently decided within a short time and then the student realizes that the dissertation with the chosen topic / title is not feasible. Sometimes the topic is not interesting or is too general, the existing literature is not sufficient and/or non-credible, and the collection of quality data is not always possible. In such cases, we discuss together the possibility of modification of the dissertation topic or title. Please note that your research question must be supported by the literature in which a gap has been identified. There is no point in researching a topic which has been studied extensively and the answer to the research question is obvious / trivial. Research is an accumulated process in which you will contribute to something which has not been studied so far. The role of the literature review is of highest importance. Lack of sufficient academic literature may suggest the change of the title or the topic of the dissertation. Expressing your ideas and opinion without reference to the relevant literature is not a part of academic research and of any true research in general.

Academic writing style is an indispensable part of the dissertation. Appropriate quotation, paraphrasing, and referencing are often areas where students face difficulties. We look together at these areas too.

We then provide you with a special form which will help you organize your literature. You will save significant time by using this form. Other forms / tools that facilitate your research are provided too.

When the literature review is finished, we discuss together the collection of data procedures, the proper statistical methods to be employed and the implementation of these methods in a statistical software. At this stage, it is very important to consider if these methods indeed work well with your data and produce reliable and interpretable results.

And now we arrive at the interpretation of the results in the context of the research question, the literature and the statistical analysis of your data. This is one of the most difficult parts of the dissertation since it detemines if you have contributed to the already existing knowledge.

And finally, the conclusion: What did we study? How? What did we find? Are our results useful to others under the same or similar situations? What are the policy implications of this dissertation? What are the limitations of our study and in which aspects of our research can other researchers contribute?

Training sessions

Our experience with the student dissertations and research projects has shown us that a significant number of students faces difficulties in understanding the methodological aspects of the dissertation (e.g. ontology, positivism vs interpretivism, sampling methodology, validity, reliability, etc.). We can help you by clarifying the concepts that are relevant to your dissertation in our online training sessions.

Further, we can also help you understand Statistics, theoretical, applied or its practical implementation / use by means of SPSS or other relevant software.

And since academic language and style should be carefully used, special training in academic writing is also provided.

Please note that we want to help you so that you write your own dissertation. We are not offering ghostwriting services.